My name is Taehan Lee.
I’m a web developer/designer based in Korea.

I majored in painting and I have worked in related fields while living as an artist.
At that time, I was into media-art, particularly web-art, so I started to learn web programming by myself, and I quickly got addicted to it.

Anyhow, I’ve been working in this field for 10 years, and now I’m running my own business.
I normally do web development, design, and maintenance for my clients’ websites, and whenever I have free time, I try to share my these abilities by writing, open sourcing, and charitable projects.

I’ve been using WordPress since 2010; I really love it, and I have an immeasurable gratitude towards the WordPress community.

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Current work: BiscuitPress(Create WordPress-powered Websites)
My earliest works(2001~2010)


Brief Profile
2009-NOW BiscuitPress | Doing everything
2007-2009 Moonji cultural institute, Saii | Program manager, Web design/development
2006 Artcenter Nabi | Web design/development
2002 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Hong­Ik University, Seoul, Korea


브릿G(웹소설 플랫폼), 돌베개, 문학수첩, 안그라픽스, 민음사, 비룡소, 국제앰네스티, 도서출판 열화당, 도서출판 은행나무, 디자인코리아 2011, 카스코/맥그리거골프, 문학과지성사, 문지문화원 사이 외


2011 “Text Resolution”, 심보선+이태한 강연 | 아트선재 미술관
2010 “테크네의 귀환” 전시 | 금천예술공장
2010 “TEXT@Media” 전시 | 서교예술실험센터
2010 “Sound@Media” 캠페인 | 문지문화원사이
2009 “Text Resolution”, 심보선+이태한 강연/공연 | 문지문화원사이
2009 “Machine Dreams” 전시 | 코이안
2008 “Sound Effects Seoul 2008” 전시/공연 | 대안공간 헛, 크로프트 갤러리
2008 “Algorithmic design” 전시/참여 | 문지문화원
2007 “세 개의 시선” 전시 | 쿤스트독 갤러리
2006 “예술의 표면과 이면, 그리고 리얼리티” 전시/기획 | 인사갤러리
2004 “오해는 곧 나의 목적” 개인전 | 한국문화예술진흥원, 관훈갤러리

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